Panama Crime Series, Part 11

Swedish Man Faces New York Courts –

The U.S. Attorney’s Office formally indicted Paul Mardirossian, a Swedish citizen arrested in Panama on April 27, of crimes related to narcoterrorism.  Mardirossian is being accused of agreeing to provide military-grade weapons to an alleged member of Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces in exchange for cocaine. In January, he and an associate met with an undercover U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent posing as a FARC member in Panama. The agent told them that the weapons, including rocket-propelled grenade launchers and assault rifles, would be used in an assault against a U.S. military base under construction.

Weapons Confiscated Near Mining Project –

Los Santos Province police confiscated a large number of firearms in various sectors of the Tonosi District near the Cerro Quema mining project.  The search was a result of the May 1 shooting of a mine worker from the Minera Cerro Quema S.A. A 26-year has been detained in the case.

Woman Found Buried in San Miguelito –

Authorities unearthed the body of Venedilsa Diogirama, age 24, in the Cerro Cocobolo sector of the San Miguelito district on Monday. Diogirama was allegedly killed by her recently estranged partner, Alexis Dogamos, age 21 and still missing. She is survived by her two orphans. This is the 17th registered femicide by ex-partners in Panama this year.

Prisoner Escapes from Hospital –

A La Joya Penitentiary prisoner successfully escaped from Santo Tomas Hospital early Monday morning. Rogelio Marshall Gordon, who was serving time for robbery, picked his handcuffs and snuck out while his custodian was in the bathroom. He had been in the hospital since May 2 after sustaining injuries in a prison riot.

U.S. Embassy Employee Killed on Southern Corredor –

Denisse De La Ossa, an employee of the U.S. Embassy in Panama, was shot Saturday night on her way back from Panama’s Tocumen International Airport near Boca La Caja along the Southern Corridor. De La Ossa worked in human resources, giving English and Spanish classes to officials as well as managing a local internship program. The Embassy denies that the shooting is related to her work at the embassy. Authorities are investigating and have detained two suspects.

  2 comments for “Panama Crime Series, Part 11

  1. Maria Fernanda
    May 11, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Please let me know all the news about Denisse De la Ossa, she is my best friend since 1970. I would like to have news of her family too.

  2. May 12, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Investigators believe that a Boca La Caja gang is behind Denisse De la Ossa’s shooting. They are charging two people with homicide and are searching for other gang members as well as the weapon used. They also believe that gang members mistook de la Ossa’s car for that of a rival gang member.

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