U.S. Ties Iran to Panama Fronts

The U.S. Treasury has identified and blacklisted six Panamanian companies used as fronts for Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

“IRISL’s ships have been renamed, reflagged, repainted, and renamed again. It has repeatedly shifted the nominal owners of ships and modified shipping documents to conceal its activities,” said Adam Szubin, director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

The companies include: Galliot Maritima, Indus Maritima, Kaveri Maritima, Melodious Maritima, Mount Everest Maritima and Rishi Maritima.

The treasury’s action is part of Washington’s widening campaign to take tougher action against Iran and includes freezing any assets these companies may have in the U.S. and exposing any Americans that do business with them to prosecution.

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