It’s a Viaduct for Casco Viejo

The government appears to be going ahead with landfill and a viaduct for the third phase of Cinta Costera construction.

According to the environmental impact study by the U.S.-based Luis Berger Group, the project includes the construction of an elevated marine viaduct, a pedestrian walkway along Pablo Arosemena Avenue and 26 acres of landfill, both in front of the Presidency and on Avenida de las Poetas for parks and parking lots.

The 16.5 acre viaduct will be 1.7 miles long and connect Balboa Avenue at the fish market to Avenida de las Poetas. It will pass about 655 feet from Casco Viejo’s old fortress wall. In June, the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization asked the Panamanian government to suspend the project.

There will be a public forum about the project at the Fatima Parish in El Chorillo at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

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