Dead Sardines Wash Up on Taboga

Currents dragged thousands of dead sardines onto the beaches of Taboga Island on Sunday.

Initial reports indicate that the dead fish came from an accidental breach in an unnamed fish meal factory.

Taboga Mayor Jose Chiru said authorities should take measures to avoid these situations since the island receives between 500 and 700 visitors on weekends, and the dead fish are alarming.

Fish meal is a nutrient-rich and high protein supplement feed ingredient made from ground dried fish.  It is primarily used in diets for domestic animals and sometimes as a high-quality organic fertilizer.

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  1. Cynthia Mulder
    June 26, 2012 at 9:20 am

    This was a rare and unfortunate occurrence. We had a number of guests spend the day at the beach and they did not seem to be bothered by this. Several groups arrived to have lunch ans spend the afternoon at on our Cafe balcony and in our garden Rancho.

    There were plenty of happy seabirds, and a number of unhappy swimmers.

    The beaches are raked up daily by the local beach crew who rent umbrellas and chairs, however drift gets washed in with the tides from the Pacific Ocean and the Panama Coast. Sometimes very little, other times more.

    It was widely reported. La Prensa called us for the scoop to verify the incident.

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