Panama Crime Series, Part 101

Panama’s most wanted caught on Cinta Costera – Authorities apprehended Rafael Eusebio Sáenz, also known as Ito, after a police chase on the Cinta Costera III when his truck crashed into a police barricade. Ito, who had a $10,000 bounty on his head as one of Panama’s most wanted, has escaped from jail three times and is wanted in connection with two murders, narcotrafficking and shooting at a police officer in Pacora, among other crimes. He is reportedly being taken to Punta Coco island.

Rape suspect extradited from Panama – Ayabaca Jara, age 37 and an Ecuador native, was returned to Cuyahoga County, Ohio this week to face charges of repeated sexual abuse of a minor. He fled the U.S. to Panama after being indicted on one count each of Rape and Attempted Rape, eight counts of Gross Sexual Imposition, three counts of Kidnapping and three counts of Disseminating Matter Harmful to a Juvenile. Jara faces life in prison.”Instead of Christmas dinner in Panama, this one will be dining with Sheriff Pinkney’s other guests,” said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty.

From Panama to Australia: 71kg of cocaine – Australian authorities found about 71kg of cocaine, worth an estimated $25 million, hidden inside a hydraulic press sent from Panama. Three men were arrested on charges of drug importation and five properties raided across Sydney.

Queen of the East goes to jail – Ofelia “Fella” Acevedo Cano, age 33 and also known as the Queen of the East, was taken to the Female Rehabilitation Center. On December 11, she was caught with over $855,000, alleged payment for Colombian drug traffickers. The Queen of the East also worked as an administrative assistant at the General Assembly earning $2,000 a month and is the daughter of the former mayor of the Chepo district to the east of Panama City.

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