Panama Canal to Launch High-Tech Transit Management System

The Panama Canal Administration announced that it will put a new state-of-the-art vessel scheduling and maritime resource management system in place in response to growing traffic through the waterway.

The system – developed with Quintiq, a Dutch company that specializes in supply chain planning and optimization software to the maritime, transportation and logistics industries – plans to transform how the Panama Canal plans and schedules transit operations to optimize costs, improve safety and increase the overall efficiency and reliability of the service it provides, according to an ACP press release.

“Using advanced modeling language, we’ll be able to leverage path-optimization algorithms and mathematical, constraint and graphical programming to optimize scheduling and resource utilization,” said Arnoldo Cano, Panama Canal Program Manager for the ACP Renewal of Processes and Core Systems.

It should be fully integrated into Canal operations over the course of the next two years, with the module responsible for managing the Canal’s vessel scheduling expected to be operational by the end of the fiscal year in September 2017.

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