Manuel Noriega is Dead

Panamanian General Manuel Noriega died at 11 pm Monday night in Santo Tomas Hospital at age 83.

President Juan Carlos Varela shared the news soon after, tweeting: “The death of Manuel A. Noriega closes a chapter in our history: his daughters and family deserve a peaceful burial.”

The former dictator had been in an induced coma since March 7 following complications from brain surgery to remove a benign tumor.

Born on February 11, 1934, he began his career as a lieutenant in the Panama National Guard and served as chief of military intelligence under General Omar Torrijos before taking power in 1983. He ruled Panama until the US invasion in 1989 to depose him and spent the rest of his life in prison convicted on racketeering, laundering drug money and drug trafficking charges, first in the US and France before being returned to serve time in Panama for murder, embezzlement and corruption.

He is survived by his wife, Felicidad Sieiro and three daughters Sandra, Thays and Lorena.

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