Bidding Open for Albrook Aviation Park

The Civil Aeronautics Authority is accepting bids for the construction of a lookout park near Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, also known as Albrook Airport, to provide families with a safe recreational area to observe airport operations.

It would be built on over an acre in an area known as Threshold 19 along Avenida La Amistad, which is currently home to multiple abandoned aircraft. The proposed budget is $340,000 with delivery scheduled within 270 days.

Nine companies including Constructora Eclipse, Ingenieria Panadox, Estructuras & Acabados, Ecohabitat, Grupo Trugar, Grupo Index, PH 221 Servicios, Alproem Engineering Service and Les Palais have expressed interest, but suggested an increased budget and extended timeframe for the project.

Bids may be submitted through February 20.

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